About Sky

Hello! I am portrait photographer specializing in maternity, newborns, and children.

(Beautiful photographs taken by the amazing photographer at alexandrearose.com)

This is me and my amazing husband. We currently reside in Camp Verde, Arizona.
We have four boys together, yes you heard me right, I’m a boy mom! I get asked a lot if I plan to have more kids in the future to, “get my girl” and well all I can say is that currently we are very happy. No plans as of yet to try again, but you never know, I love babies!

I was always very creative growing up. I tinkered here and there trying to find my “nitch” or my souls purpose I guess you’d say. I have basically taught myself pretty much every craft you could think of. I definitely am a diy (do it yourself) type gal. I love to oil paint peoples portraits. Someday, maybe I’ll offer that with my photography services too. For now it’s a hobby I practice at home with the pictures I take of my kids.
Newborns are where I have found my purpose. More than anything, I just love holding babies. It’s crazy to me sometimes that I hold newborns as a part of my job! I could never see myself doing anything else.
I’ll let you guys know a little more of a backstory about myself. I was raised a single child. My half siblings were already grown up and moved out of the house. I never got to hold a baby until a month or two before Andrew (my oldest) was born. When he came into this world, he and I were very sick. I almost lost my first child before I ever even got to hold him. I did not hire a birth or a newborn photographer, although I wish I had. I honestly never even considered the idea either. But those days sitting next to my son in the NICU stay with me, in my heart and soul. I don’t know if it was in that moment but during those days a fire was lit inside me. We didn’t have a lot of money. So it wasn’t right away that I was able to buy a professional camera, in fact, it took 3 years later before I was finally able to get it. In the mean time, I studied and took classes from other successful newborn photographers, took all their classes on posing, safety, lighting ect. Anything I could get my hands on. I practiced on my three following children, did sessions for other new moms, and studied some more. There’s never an end to my studying really.

I make most of my tiebacks and props I use for my sessions and I use natural sunlight for my sessions. If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the verde valley, I am your gal. Let me know what you’re looking for in your session. Send me your Pinterest ideas or what you loved from my past newborn babies. I’d love to create the perfect photos for whatever theme you are wanting for baby’s nursery.

If you would like to know more about how a newborn session goes, you can visit my newborn session info page HERE. Or if you’re just interested in following my work until you’re ready to book follow me on Facebook HERE. I would love to see your likes and comments on my page! <3